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Bitten by the travel bug but scared to take that first step? You’ve come to the right place! Come meander with me as I lift the lid on exactly what it feels like to travel by yourself for the first time…

My goal is to encourage and inspire other travel dreamers to feel confident about first time solo travel.

Meander with Meg began in 2015 to document my adventures as a solo female backpacker.  

The focus of the blog shifted as I quickly realised there was a lot of content out there about what to do and where to go, but less about the experience of solo travelling itself. 

The aim of publishing articles on what it feels like to travel by yourself is to inspire other solo travel dreamers to carve out time for adventure in their own lives, whether that’s just for the weekend, six months or a year. 

Inspiring fearless solo travel

So you’ve got the urge to travel alone for the first time but are terrified at the thought of it. 

Does wanting to travel alone make you weird? How will you meet people on the road and survive your first solo adventure? 

After five years of solo backpacking I can tell you how it feels to travel by yourself and how to overcome all the emotional hurdles that may keep you from embarking on your trip. 

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 I haven’t been everywhere, but it’s on my list.  Find inspiration by browsing some of the places that I’ve visited.


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