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I spent two years travelling the length and breadth of Australia on a Working Holiday Visa. During my time in the country I road tripped, scuba dived, hiked, camped, worked, swam, danced and laughed around every state in the country.

From the Outback to the CBD of Melbourne, I loved every inch of this beautifully diverse country and believe it’s one of the best countries in the world for a first time solo backpacker to explore.

Planning your trip to Australia

Australia is a huge country and although it’s a super place to travel as a backpacker, it is not always the cheapest to navigate. 

If you intend to travel Down Under, here are a couple of blogs to get you started:

Latest Australian articles

If you would like to browse a list of countries that I have visited, head on over to the Destinations page where you can choose a country to explore.


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