Is it just me, or does anyone else love the word meander?

Started in 2015, Meander With Meg began
as a space for me to finally get around to documenting
my travels after several years on the road. 

Whilst it’s fun writing an online diary that I share with my family and friends (hello, Mum!) I quickly realised that I had so much more to say on the topic of travelling itself.

More specifically, I have become obsessed with trying to hone in on exactly how it feels to travel, especially if you are dreaming of or on your first trip.

Because I’m more often than not to be found roaming around solo, my travel perspective is that of the solo traveller. 

I write a lot of things from the point of view of a female traveller, but if you’re a guy reading this then firstly hi, and secondly, I hope that you won’t be put off as many of the emotions revolving around solo travel translate across the genders.


So, why should you read on?

Are you feeling like there is a part of your soul that is undernourished; thirsty for new cultures, countries and life changing experiences?

Is there a part of you that itches to explore the streets of a foreign city, to wake up to the sounds of a language you do not understand and eat delicious food prepared in a far away kitchen?

Are you nervously planning your first solo trip

Have you just embarked on a journey but not sure how it’s supposed to go?

Well, my friend, you’ve come to the right place.

I never thought I was one for all the emotions, but it turns out that I am.

I will attempt to put down on paper – if you can say that about the internet? -thoughts, experiences and feelings of a single, twenty-or-thirty-something with a serious case of wanderlust. 

I’m interested in how it feels to be a solo traveller. 

How does it feel to travel alone? How does it feel to embark on your trip?

More about Meg a.ka. what does she know about travel?

I’m going to be honest with you; sometimes I suck at travel.

Other times I think that I rock, which is pretty cool. 

With over five years of travel and living abroad under my belt I reckon I’ve got a thing or two I can share with you.

Originally from Reading, England, I quit my desk job in the UK in 2011. I’ve spent six years travelling and working abroad. From vacuuming a convention centre in the middle of the night to trying my hand at sheep shearing in the Australian Outback, I’ve been there and done – well, pretty much all of it!

True to my English roots, I drink vast quantities of tea. I love belting out a tune or two in the car (but never the shower). I love skiing but hate being cold, I hate sand but enjoy the beach (go figure).

I can usually be found slinging on my backpack and hoofing around, staying in hostels and finding cheap places to eat. Sometimes I splurge a little, usually on good food and sweet treats.

I adore a road trip and have travelled around Scotland, Spain, Portugal, Australia and New Zealand by camper vans and cars. 

My superhuman power is map reading and I promise to not get us too hopelessly lost.

I’m now living in Lancashire and happiest when exploring the beautiful places the North East of England can offer. I’m always up an adventure so my backpack remains ready for the next trip…

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