Am I Ready To Travel Solo?

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Am I ready to travel solo?

Are you ready to travel solo How do you know if you can travel alone? How does it feel to travel solo? When is the right time to travel alone? I'm talking about how it feels in the travel planning stage of your first solo backpacking adventure.

When thinking about whether I was ready to travel solo for the first time, a Zen Proverb came to mind.

“Leap and the net will appear.”

In all honesty, preparing to travel does feel a lot like this. However much you want to jet off and sip from coconuts on a tropical beach (yes please), the prospect of doing so can feel incredibly daunting.

Even if you’ve carefully planned your trip, how can you tell you’re actually ready to take it?

To answer this question, I’m taking a look at the question of readiness and how you may be feeling prior to your first solo travels.

First Time Traveller

A few years ago, I decided to take a leap into the unknown.

After months of thinking it through, my heart and mind finally aligned; and that’s when I knew it was time. It was time to quit my job and go on a journey.

I booked a ticket to Bangkok in Thailand and started a trip that in its initial planning stages was supposed to take me around the world neatly in 11 months. Less than five months into my journey I had implemented the changes to extend my travels. Full-time travel has become my way of life for the past five years.

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What it feels like to embark on your first solo trip.

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How Can I Tell I Am Ready To Travel Solo?

After going through University to end up in a full-time job, I started to realise that the conventional path of life was not one that I aspired to, at least not for that present moment. Incapable of ignoring the fire within, I finally found the courage to walk down that road, despite not knowing what was ahead.

I have come to realise that I have always been guided by some unexplained force that has brought me where I am supposed to be. I believe everyone is directed by that force; it brings you somewhere, some time, and there’s a reason for it. The reason may be unknown to you at a specific moment, and perhaps may never be understood, but it’s a sequential part of your life.

So whilst there is usually nothing concrete that tells you that you are ready to travel solo, it’s a feeling that intensifies within you until it becomes too difficult to ignore.

In some cases, the desire to travel may be prompted by actual events in your life, such as: coming to the end of your studies or work or a change in relationship status. But in the main, the unexplainable forces at work in your life are urging you to change your path for reasons that may only make themselves clear further down the line.

I believe you are ready to travel solo when the feeling takes over your every waking moment until living out these thoughts become the only thing you can focus on.

Putting In The Pre-Travel Groundwork

There comes a point where you are at the stage where the desire to explore propels you forward through a series of motions, such as: preparing to leave work, organising loose ends in your personal and home life and sorting out your finances to prepare for travel.

Whilst you may be nervous, setting this chain of events into action is an effective way of staying on top of your fears.

For all those planners out there, I have created a free downloadable checklist to help you through the first-time travel booking process that will ensure you don’t miss a step when organising travel.

Knowing that you’ve laid the groundwork to make way for this period of travel will help you to feel a lot more prepared.

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Thoughts On Preparing To Travel Alone

As you journey towards a new adventure, new encounters and new boundaries, many takeaways may come to mind.

These snippets are less of the practical variety, but more based on the mindset I’ve been talking about. The mindset that has clicked into place that tell you that – despite a few completely natural nerves – you are ready to travel.

– Some things in life truly come to those who wait

What’s the rush? When the time is right, things all of sudden come naturally together. Time doesn’t wait for you, but it waits for the right moment.

– Try to be somewhat comfortable with the idea of change

Make sure you have some sort of support when implementing that change. Whether it be financially, emotionally or mentally, feeling these foundations as solid can bring a tremendous amount of comfort.

– It’s okay not to know what you want to do with your life

Embrace all the opportunities of not knowing brings!

– Live the life you want, not one that someone else believes is best for you

Want to travel the world, get married or have kids? No one is living your life knowing what will make you the happiest. Don’t let anyone decide what should be your happy.

– Be true: be and stay true to who you are

Do things that make your heart beat faster, your eyes shine brighter and your voice speak louder, regardless of how different it may be to others. Be you, be happy and own it!

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I’ve shared these takeaways in the hopes that you will relate to at least one or two in your pre-travel stage. If it helps, you aren’t expected to know all of the answers and have your life figured out. Travel may pose more questions than it answers, but is that really a bad thing?

I’m guessing your answer to this is no.

Feeling Ready To Travel

If you’re feeling that powerful shift of emotion that signifies you are ready to make some changes in your life, you may want to take a look at my free eBook with 90 practical tips for first time solo travellers. I’m sharing all of my knowledge from five years of solo travel to make sure you get your trip off on the right start.

Sometimes it feels like the stars are aligning to pave the way for travel, like coming to the end of your studies. There are other times when life well and truly gets in the way. Whether or not you have to negotiate renting out your apartment, a sabbatical from work or even quitting your job, everything will feel possible when that switch is flicked inside your mind.

It’s as if someone has suddenly given you the green light to get stuck into your dreams.

And you’re so right, it does feel like someone has given you permission.

Because that person is you.


Are you ready to travel solo? Can you relate to this feeling of readiness?

If you have already made the transition to solo travel, what thoughts can you share with those with are thinking about it?

Get in touch if you have any questions regarding solo travel. I’d love to hear from you.

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Are you ready to travel solo How do you know if you can travel alone? How does it feel to travel solo? When is the right time to travel alone? I'm talking about how it feels in the travel planning stage of your first solo backpacking adventure.

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