Up And Coming: Travel Plans For 2016

Up And Coming: Travel Plans For 2016

And just like that a new year is upon us!

Phew – what a year 2015 was. I simultaneously had the feeling that I was non-stop busy whilst standing still. I thought I was going nowhere in 2015, but when I looked back at the last twelve months I realised I was doing much more travelling than I ever imagined. If you’re interested to see what I was up to, you can check out my Top 15 Travel Highlights in 2015 here.

So, what next for 2016? After eleven months at home in England I cannot ignore the itch of my feet [metaphorically speaking, of course!] any longer and new adventures are calling me.

Given the fact that I am only in the country for another seven weeks, I am spending two of those weeks gallivanting about abroad, which is pretty remarkable.

Here is a rough sketch of my current travel plans for the next twelve months, mainly to get me even more in the mood!

Skiing in the Alps

First up into the picture is a skiing trip in the resort of Les Arcs in the French Alps.

I am extremely excited to head off to find some snow as skiing is definitely high on my list of passions, and that’s not just because I love my BRIGHT pink ski trousers!


Coronet Peak, New Zealand

I have never skied at Les Arcs before, so it is all new territory, and what a territory to cover. The pistes at Les Arcs cover a whopping 200kms. I am staying at Arc 2000, the highest of the resort villages in the area. The chalet is 200m from the nearest ski lift, so no fewer excuses to miss the first lift in the morning.

Skiing for me is such an immersive activity. Nothing else can come close to giving you that feeling of sheer freedom as you stand on top of a mountain and survey the snowy peaks that just go on and on for miles. Away from cars and large civilization there is no noise. A strange thing to say you might think, but imagine yourself somewhere where the air is crisp and fresh, the sunlight glinting off the snow, and there is just peace.

Winter sun in Tenerife

From hopefully a bit of mountain sun to hopefully a lot of winter sun. This time I will be swapping the thick layers and ski jacket for a somewhat more lightweight wardrobe for the northeast of Tenerife.

Staying in a rented apartment just outside the island’s capital of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, this week will be spent exploring the surrounding area. From my initial research, this small but bustling port looks inviting with brightly coloured buildings, a museum and plenty of shops and restaurants.

New horizons in Perth, Australia

This year’s grand adventure takes the form of Australia, Part Two. I say Part Two because I have already spent a year Down Under from Nov 2011-12. During this time I spent three months completing work in a rural location to qualify for my second year visa. Initially, I intended to head straight back to Australia in 2013, but then I got sidetracked by two years in New Zealand. That can happen.

So, the time has finally come to head back to Australia. This time I am flying to uncharted territory (for me) as I head to Perth.


Swan River, Perth

People ask me how long I will be in Perth for, but that is a little like asking how long is a piece of string. Obviously, I am limited to the duration of my year long visa, so that applies an ultimate end date to my travels. But, in answer to some people’s question, I will stay in Perth for as long as it feels right.

The caveat being, as with everything I have done so far on the travel front, is that the Australian section will remain fluid. Fluid because I have the exacerbating exhilarating habit of changing my travel plans, like, all of the time. Read my post on Planning Vs Going With The Flow to find out why.



Six months in Perth, maybe more and maybe less. Then exploration of the West Coast, Northern Territory and Tasmania. Definitely Tasmania as I squeak a little with excitement every time a picture taken in Tasmania appears on my Instagram feed. It looks very New Zealand-y, and that, for me, is a huge draw.

So, there are ‘The Plans’ as they currently stand, and my goodness I am excited. I hope you stick around with me for the predictable meandering that will follow.

If anyone has any hints or tips as to what to see or do in any of the places I am heading to this year, I would love to hear from you.

What are your travel plans for 2016? What’s going to get ticket off your Bucket List this year?


Thanks to Pixabay for the pictures of Perth.



    • January 7, 2016 / 7:23 PM

      I’m open to ideas, Matt! Have you been there before?

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