The 10 Roles You Will All Play On Your Girly Holiday

Summer fun on the beach

Picture the scene: you could be sipping Moët in Marbella, flashing the cash in Las Vegas, or swapping sarnies on the shingled shores of Brighton beach. The location is somewhat irrelevant as the sun is (hopefully) shining and you are on holiday with your girl pals.

You could be eighteen years old and experiencing the first dizzying rushes of freedom on holiday away from your family. Or, you are thirty, and seeking some time away from work, significant others and the kids amidst the sanctuary that is the company of your best mates.

Regardless of age or location, your friends bring out the many facets of your personality. Here is a list of the 10 roles that we have all played at some point on our holidays with the girls:

Girls on the beach

The DJ

If your mate could be the next Avicii, she would be. Give that girl a speaker and access to Spotify and The DJ has your villa jumping like it’s a music festival.

Music is the beating heart of any party and can change the mood from sleepy to sensational in just a few notes. Whether it’s a chilled out vibe for relaxing by the pool, or upbeat tunes for getting ready for your night out, she has them covered. This friend is most likely to be spotted head bopping with a large pair of Beats by Dre headphones, whilst busily compiling the tracks for that evening’s playlist.

The Party Animal

Whether this holiday is an excuse to let off some much needed steam, or she really is 100% crazy, every group of holidaying friends has one mate who has the motto “Go Hard or Go Home” stamped onto her forehead.

With the kind of energy that would leave the Duracell bunny wilting, The Party Animal dances on every table she can find, downs every shot she can lay her hands on, is the first to suggest a skinny dip and is always, without fail, the last to go to bed.

With a hand covered in bar stamps and a purse full of credit card receipts, this trooper will power through her hangover with a hair of the dog and be the first to suggest the venue for the next night of partying.

The Fun Police

We’ve got to love ’em. Every group of friends has at least one member whose head remains firmly screwed on throughout the holiday. When someone suggests another round of drinks in the airport bar, she’s the one who reminds the group that they need to catch a flight in, like, twenty minutes. She’s the one who asks the waiter to bring water for the table at dinner. She’s the one who suggests, rather pointedly, that maybe everyone should think about going to bed soon as they have to get up in the morning for a full day of sightseeing.

The Fun Police friend is our rock and our anchor during a time when things can easily become derailed, and for that we can’t thank her wonderful, wise shoulders enough.

The Nurse

Sometimes, you can be forgiven for thinking a girly holiday resembles a scene from the A&E department on a Saturday night. From the inevitable hangovers to getting bitten by mosquitoes, stepping on bees or burning in the sun, there are a lot of perils awaiting you and your friends.

Never fear, for here The Nurse takes a leading role. With the patience of Florence Nightingale herself, this sweet friend delves into her suitcase to dole out aftersun for burned skin, administer paracetamols for aching heads and stick plasters onto scratches and cuts. She is the first to offer advice on tummy bugs and has no qualms when dealing with the queasy. Without her, your first day back at home would be spent calling in sick to your boss, for sure.

The Mother Figure

In a similar vein to The Nurse, there is always one kind hearted soul who takes your motley brood of chicks under her wing whilst on holiday. If you need a tissue whilst out-and-about, she’s got one. If you feel a little overwhelmed and need a chat, she’s the shoulder to cry on. Without the subtle judgement of The Fun Police, The Mother Figure is someone to whom the whole group looks to for advice and comfort during the holiday. Her door is always open and she’s the first to find the kettle and make everyone a cup of tea.

We love you, Mum.

The Tour Guide

Clutching every guide book ever written and having scoured the internet for recommendations on places to stay, eat, visit and party, The Tour Guide is the driving force of your itinerary whilst on holiday. If you let her, she will happily schedule the group’s every waking moment with visits to that art gallery or a national monument you really must see.

She is in her element when offering up details about the coolest places to visit, for The Tour Guide has already read every guide book cover to cover. Find yourself enjoying cocktails at some quirkily decorated, hidey-hole of a bar and watch her smiling from ear to ear: she’s the one who told you about this place.


The Summer Lovin’

Is it something about the sun, the sand, the warm sea breeze, or is there love in the air? If there is a crush to be had, The Summer Lovin’ girl will hone her missiles and take aim. She will lock her sights on an eligible target and her whole holiday will subsequently be taken up in the throes of a whirlwind romance. From the butterflies in her stomach at the first time she caught his eye, to the first kiss and the first date, your friend will regale you of every sunscreen infused moment.

She will giggle happily as she pulls on a helmet, jumps on the back of his moped and disappears off with him for an afternoon exploring the island. He wants to show her the best of his country and culture, and she wants him to show her the best of his.

Sadly for most Summer Lovin’ girls, the relationship fizzles out at the airport. As a good friend, you are there to pick up the pieces of her broken heart and glue them together with copious amounts of wine, until the next potential suitor comes along.

The Social Media Reporter

Within every group of friends you can guarantee there is at least one dedicated photojournalist, blogger and general social media fiend. This pal will account for every hour of your holiday with Instagrams of where you stayed, what you ate and what you did. You can’t walk a metre down the road without having to wait whilst she takes a snap of those cute kittens lounging in the sun, or that sunset, or that cool old building.

She obsessively updates her Twitter and Facebook with details of your awesome girly getaway, and the first words out of her mouth in any new place is without a doubt: ‘what’s the code for the Wifi?’ But for all her compulsive phone-twitching habits, you are grateful for The Social Media Reporter’s duty to the cause of documenting your trip. She will even check you into every place you visit and tag you in the numerous photos she uploads so you don’t have to.


The Bargain Hunter

There is always one friend in every group who seems to throw herself into the haggling ring with gusto. ‘How much?’ is The Bargain Hunter’s favoured, screeching response, when dealing with market stall holders, taxi drivers and restaurant touts. For all the rolled eyes and uncomfortable moments you endure at the mercy of this friend, you have to hand it to her, she will sniff you out the best deal in town to ensure that you and your mates are dining like royalty, enjoying a great day-trip or some delicious drinks at happy hour prices.

The ‘Moaning Myrtle’

Whether it is the culmination of late nights, high temperatures or a large group of boisterous friends, there is usually one mate who reacts poorly to the buzz of your girly holiday. She will state the irritatingly obvious time and time again when dealing with the heat, lack of shade or a delay in the itinerary with the exasperation of someone who clearly doesn’t enjoy being out of her normal routines.

She’s tired, she doesn’t want to eat there and the sea is too cold. ‘Moaning Myrtle’ is like the cloud without the silver lining and sometimes it’s hard to shut her out.

But for all her sniping and griping, you’d be surprised to learn that this friend probably enjoyed the holiday more than you realised. Of course, at home, you’d be forgiven for not knowing that, as she will take great pleasure in recounting just how much she hated the food, the bed, the airplane movie. Until one day, she’s the first to suggest your next girly holiday.

What about your girly holiday experiences? Do you know a Party Animal or a Tour Guide? Share your tales and thoughts!

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